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Question #1
Worms in the bottom of your tequila bottle


Question #2
The law regulating Tequila

Defines two categories of tequila and specifies which plants may be used in the tequila process and where they may be grown
Says that if you drink a whole bottle of Tequila in one sitting you are not responsible for your actions for the next 24 hours.
Ensures the similarities between mezcal and tequila.
Defines four categories of tequila and specifies which plants may be used in the tequila process and where they may be grown

Question #3
The best tequila is made by

Modern techniques
Crushing agave with stones called tahones
Harvesting the agave by hand
Splitting the piñas (hearts) of the agave plant before cooking
Steaming the agave hearts in large pressure cookers to release the natural sugars
All of the above

Question #4
Agave sap is fermented

9 hours, 30 minutes
12 hours
24 hours
up to 72 hours.

Question #5
Agave sap is fermented


Question #6
Silver tequila is

Aged nine months
Aged two months
Not aged
Aged nine years

Question #7
Plata tequila is

Sometimes called blanco
Is considered finished when it is crystal clear
Is finsihed when just out of the still
Is never actually aged
Sometimes gets a little "rest" in stainless tanks or oak barrels up to 45 days
Is often bottled in the United States
All of the above

Question #8
Tails are

A description of ripe agave fronds
The last bits in the distillation process
The other side of the coin
Another way of describing the worm in the bottle

Question #9
Raw tequila has

A golden color
Is clear
Looks like brown sugar

Question #10
The first tequila distillery

Was actually built in Scotland
Was established in Madrid, Spain prior to Columbus
Was founded by Spanish conquistadors.
Was established by Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle, Marquis of Altamira

Question #11
Silver tequila is

Dilluted with distilled water
One grade above Bronze Tequila
Enriched with silver iodide
Is aged in silver casks
All of the above

Question #12
Gold Tequila

Is called "oro" by Mexican aficianados
Is made from the gold agave plant.
Comes in one true variety
Results from aging in desert pinewood casks
Is enriched by flecks of fool's gold

Question #13
Premium Tequilas

Are cheaper than single-maltscotch because they don't have to be aged
Are the same as regular tequilas, they just charge more for them.
Are a myth, tequila is and always has been a peasant drink.
Receive their color, unique flavor and smoothness by aging

Question #14
The margarita was invented by

A Texas socialite named Margarita
The admirer of a Texas socialite named Margarita
A bartender named Jose Marga
Nobody knows

Question #15
Tequila is

An original Mexican product.
A volcano about 40 miles out of Guadalajara.
Manufactured in five Mexican states
Best identified with the state of Jalisco
All of the above

Question #16
Tequila is manufactured in the following Mexican regions;

None of the above
All of the above

Question #17
Two types of worms and 3 different butterfly larva can be found in your bottle of mezcal.


Question #18
Tequila is

A peasant drink
An completely unregulated industry
Regulated by a woman named Norma
Regulated by Mexico's tequila law, NOM, (Norma Oficial Mexicana "Tequila," enacted in 1949)

Question #19
Tequila is

A yaqui Indian word meaning truth
The drink named after a volcano
An Indian word meaning "40 miles out of Guadalajara"
The Indian word for "Kabloom!"
The word for "diuretic"

Question #20
Tequilo is

A small cactus with hallucinogenic properties
A small vegetable like a tomato
A blend of different vintages of tequila
A small bottle of tequila, also called a "Pocito"

Question #21
Tequila is

fermented cactus juice
fermented sap of the agave plant
Fermented lillies.

Question #22
Distillation takes place over

a half month
a fortnight
dos semanas
two weeks
Any of the above

Question #23
Real Mexicans only drink gold-colored tequila


Question #24
Gold tequila

Is only produced in Europe.
Is produced for the American marketplace
Is the favourite of true Mexican connoisseurs
Is never made with caramel coloring

Question #25
Reposodo refers to

Tequila you sip while reclining by the pool
Tequila that is allowed to "sleep" two months
Tequila that looks good in fancy bottles
Tequila and has a profound effect on you

Question #26
Añejo tequila refers to

Tequila bottled on the anniversary of its fermentation
Tequila that is not aged.
Tequila aged two to six months.
"The tequila curse."
Aged in oak barrels for at least a year

Question #27
Tequila can go "off" if stored in a barrel more than four years.


Question #28
Tequila does not have a vintage year like other alcohols.


Question #29
Silver tequila is always harsh


Question #30
It takes agave

6 years to ripen properly
8 years to ripen properly
12 years to ripen properly
2 years to ripen properly

Question #31
Heads are

The flip side of the peso that tells the distiller when to start the second distillation
The bathroom where you have to go after you have eaten the worm in the bottom of the bottle of mezscal
The odor created during the distillation process
The top of the distillation wort

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