• The Six Commandments of a Tequila Tasting

Make tequila tasting both educational and pleasurable. Take a minute to prepare...

First: Thou shalt have plenty of food to eat before and after the tasting. Anything goes, as long as it is corn tortillas, corn chips, salsa, bean dip and guacamole.

 Second: Thou shalt offer thy guests no more than six varieties (more varieties will just breed confusion). Select a range of qualities from platas to 100% agave to añejos.

 Third: Thou shalt not pour your tequilas into shot glasses because they are too much like shooter glasses. Shot glasses will only encourage some of your guests (you know who they are) to start slamming competitions (how macho). They'll wreck your image as a tequila sophisticate. Believe me, it's going to be enough fun without encouraging the evening to get out of control.

 Four: Thou shalt serve each sample in a classic tulip-shaped wine glasse. This glass shape, common to wine tastings for reds, concentrate the unique boquet of the tequila.

 Five: Thou shalt encourage your guests to sip each tequila, savor its unique properties, discuss what they like and don't like and compare it to what you've had in the past.

 Six: Thou shalt take thy time between samples. Encourage your guests to clear their palates with cool water and tortillas.